Calgary Rally 2006 - Apocalypse Right Now!

Join us August 4th-7th, 2006 for the Apocalypse Scooter Club's inaugural rally.

Rally Itinerary

Friday, August 4
7:30pm - Meet & Greet at Swan’s Restaurant & Pub in Inglewood.
(Contact point: 1336 - 9 Avenue SE)
Midnight - Possible late night ride to points unknown.

Saturday, August 5
10:00am - Soccer Breakfast at the Ship & Anchor Pub.
(Contact point: 534 - 17 Avenue SW)
11:30am - All-day Saturday Ride to various planned destinations around Calgary leaving from the Ship & Anchor Pub. For those of you that want to join the ride at anytime during the day the schedule is as follows...
    12:30pm* - leaving Bowness Park Lagoon(look for the scooters!)
    1:45pm* - leaving North Glenmore Park (again take a ride through and you'll find the group)
    4:00pm* - leaving Sikome Lake @ Fish Creek Park (see above for instructions on how to find us)
    * for Bowness Park and North Glenmore Park we will be arriving 1/2 hour prior to departure, for Lake Sikome we are planning to arrive @ 3pm for a bit of relaxation by the lake before heading to the Dog & Duck - all times are estimated but we will try our best to stay on schedule.

4:30pm - The ride will wrap up for dinner at the Dog & Duck Public House and Restaurant before heading off for a little r & r and pit scrubbing in preparation for the evening's entertainment.
(Contact point: 5340 - 2 Street SW)
9:00pm - Head on over to the HIFI Club to catch The Riff Randals, The Neckers + Bogart. (Purchase a rally pack for early entry discounts!)
(Contact point: 219 - 10 Avenue SW)

Sunday, August 6
9:30am - Breakfast at Swans Restaurant & Pub in Inglewood. Sponsored by Vespa Calgary.
(Contact point: 1336 - 9 Avenue SE)
11:00am - Leave Swan's for a scenic long ride to BBQ in Millarville, AB. (This ride is roughly 60 kilometres; a gas stop will be provided before we leave.) Gymkhana, raffle drawing and more!
9:00pm- Return to Broken City for Karaoke & general debauchery.
(Contact point: 613 - 11 Avenue SW)

Monday, August 7
8:00am - Morning meet at Caffe Beano for a quick coffee and farewell to our out-of-town guests.
(Contact point: 1613 - 9th Street SW)

Please contact regarding billeting as we will do our best to accomodate out of town guests. All times and events are subject to change. Keep posted for more details.

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